6000 mile service for TVR Griffith at Austec Racing. Flexible booking options.

Last Updated 06 - Nov - 2008

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TVR Griffith Servicing 6000 Miles


Austec Racing currently offers the services below for TVR Cerbera's:


Carry out preliminary Test Drive  

Check Seat Belts operation and mountings  

Check operation of all electrical systems (including Alarm and Air Conditioning)  
Remove all road wheels and apply anti-seize compound to hubs and wheel studs  
Check Hand Brake operation and lever security; adjust and lubricate if necessary  
Visually inspect brake Pads for wear, callipers for leaks and condition of Flexi-Hoses  
Measure and record Brake Disc thickness  

Offside Front (mm)  

Nearside Front (mm)  
Offside Rear (mm)  
Nearside Rear (mm)  
Carry out Brake Fluid Boiling Point test and record result  
Check Brake Fluid Level  
Visually check fuel, clutch, brake pipes and unions for chafing, corrosion and correct routing  
Visually check all drive shafts  
Visually check Diff mounting bolts  
Change fuel filter  
Change gearbox oil  
Change engine oil and filter  
Change Diff oil  
Check / top up gearbox oil  
Check / top up diff oil  
Check Exhaust System Condition  
Check condition of steering joints, rack gaiters, ball joints and wishbone bushes  
Check for fluid leaks from hydraulic pipes and unions (Power Assisted Steering only)  
Visually check tyres/ road wheels for damage; record tyre tread depth and refit to original position.  
Visually inspect all suspension fixings for security  
Visually check complete underside of vehicle for faults and abnormalities  
Visually check security of manifold bolts  
Check security of Rocker Covers  
Change Spark Plugs  
Check Distributor Cap, Ignition leads and low tension leads for deterioration  
Check Crank sensors for debris  
Check Engine Sensor Connections for Corrosion  
Check Drive Belts condition; Adjust /Change if required  
Check Air Cleaner element  
Remove Air Filter, inspect, clean and apply protective oil  
Check the condition of the engine and gearbox mounting rubbers  
Check throttles and linkage operation and lubricate where possible  
Check / adjust Throttle Stop  
Check / top-up Power Assisted Steering Fluid (where applicable)  
Check / top up Clutch Fluid  
Change Clutch Fluid  
Check / top up windscreen washers and check wiper blades for condition  
Check Master Cylinder and under bonnet grommets are sealed; reseal if required  
Check Engine breather/ hoses for security and condition  
Check / adjust ignition timing and carbon emissions with engine operating at temperature  
Check/ Adjust engine setting on Computer with engine at operating temperature  
Pressure Check Cooling system, for leaks. Hoses for security  
Check Cooling Fan operation  
Check / adjust tyre pressure (including spare wheel)  
Check headlight alignment and aux lights if fitted  
Visually check front and rear tyres evidence of uneven tyre wear due to incorrect tracking or camber settings  
Wash wheels, repaint brake callipers and discs where applicable  
Check / lubricate all hinges, doors, boot and bonnet locks and catches  
Road test vehicle  
Visually check steering wheel is centralised  
Carry out Service Valet  
Stamp Service Book.  




Modified 500 Griffith
Mapping Session on a Chassis Dyno (Rolling)



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